Division 1 Girls
1st - Nayland College
2nd - Christchurch Girls HS
3rd -  Cashmere HS

Division 1 Boys
1st - Riccarton HS
2nd - Burnside HS
3rd - Nayland College

Division 2 Girls
1st - Craighead Diocesan School
2nd - Nelson College for Girls
3rd - Rolleston College

Division 2 Boys
1st - Marlborough Boys College
2nd - St. Andrew's College
3rd - Middleton Grange School

If team managers/ coaches do not need to amend their team list or do not need to see a VNZ staff in person, they can just attend the online meeting. There is a physical meeting in Saxton Stadium 2nd floor Pavillion and sign-in, if you need to change your team list or you want to attend in person.
South Island Junior SS Volleyball Champs is just around the corner!
Here are a few reminders:
and Technical Meeting
21 November (Monday) 5:30pm sign-in, 6:30pm tech meeting
Pavillon, Saxton Stadium

Games start 8:00am 22 Nov-24 Nov 
> No opening ceremony this year initially due to Covid
> Pavillion will only be available during technical meeting. 
> Players must be with the team and team coach/manager at all times, no loitering. 
> If you need to add players or coaches to the line-up and are not in the original roster sent last week, please provide a letter with the student details and signed by the Principal (submit during sign-in).

> If you have not submitted player numbers online, you have to manually write numbers on your scoresheets. 

> Time for technical meeting will be used to discuss the aspects of the tournament, games and rules. Anything off topic can be discussed after the Technical Meeting.

>You can also reach us through email or write comments in our "online suggestion and comment box"
Things to bring:
1.Hi-vis bibs or playing bibs to indicate you are the referee supervisor for your duty team. This must be worn at all times during duty. 
3.First Aid Kit
4.Reusable sports bottles (avoid plastic bottles and rubbish)
5.Rubbish bag (clean after your team after each game, do not leave any rubbish as other teams will play and use the same area)
6.Trophy if you have the indoor and beach trophy from 2020
Draws, Results and other information can be found in the webpage:
Other Reminders:
1. Medic will be available from 10am-8pm, we will also have ice available. No physio available. 
2. Fine Designs, our event merchandise provider will be onsite, but teams can order online as well:
3. Teams can only warm-up with balls during court warm-up and net time. Please keep all balls when it is not your turn to play. You may warm-up outside the venue. 
4. Remind all players, coaches, managers to observe proper behaviour and sportsmanship. 
5. Tournament organisers will hand out sanction forms to teams that do not comply and follow tournament rules. Usually regarding not showing up for duty, late showing up to the court, not wearing the team uniform, not wearing the hi-vis vest, non-submission of required documents, etc.
6. Online comment and suggestion box here : 
7. Local referees may approach VNZ Referee Delegates if they want to be assessed and evaluated.
Event Staff:
Kayla Greening - Event and Results Coordinator
Amanda Isada - Tournament Director
Josh Ovsenek - Chief Referee
Daana Watson - Referee Delegate
Loveday Mossman-Catchpole - Referee Delegate
Natt Mann - Results Coordinator
Tasman Volleyball - Court controllers